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Model: Miniature Ball Bearings
Brand: MBY

Miniature Ball Bearings

Product Description

MBY precision deep groove ball bearings are designed for high precision, low noise, small vibration, high reliability and long life. They are mainly used in various types of electric motors. They are also known as EMQ (Electric Motor Quality) bearings.

EMQ bearings are widely used in household appliances, toys, electric power tools, car motors and other fields. With optimal design, high reliability heat treatment, precision manufacturing processes and high-grade grease, these products perform better on reliability, vibration and noise levels than standard products making them more suitable for electric motor applications. These products can also be applied to most gearbox applications as well.

MBY precision deep groove ball bearings include a variety of shields and seals to meet the many different requirements customers demand. For detailed specification, please feel free to contact MBY.

MBY precision deep groove ball bearings are good quality products with excellent performance. Because of their high precision, high rotating speed, high reliability, low friction and low noise, they are widely used in areas of machine tools, measuring instruments, office machinery, household appliances, various types of electric motors, industrial automation control, etc.

At the same time, MBY can design and manufacture precision deep groove ball bearings according to your requirements with special functions such as mute, special sealing, electric insulation, ultra-high speed, high/low temperature resistance and etc. And MBY will sincerely provide superior application service and professional technical advice to customers.


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Bearing DesignationBoundary DimensionsBasic Load RatingLimiting SpeedShoulder DimensionsMass


Open typeWith steel shieldsWithoutWith contactingdDBB1rr1CrCorOpen Type(2RS)Open TypedaDararbApprox
contactingrubber seals(min.)(min.)(ZZ,2RU)(Z)(min.)(max.)(max.)(max.)
rubber seals

604604 ZZ604 2RU604 2RS412440.20.20.970.36530000630005.610.
605605 ZZ605 2RU605 2RS514550.
606606 ZZ606 2RU606 2RS617660.30.31.950.74430000510008150.30.35.8
607607 ZZ607 2RU607 2RS719660.
608608 ZZ608 2RU608 2RS822770.
609609 ZZ609 2RU609 2RS924770.30.33.351.433000220004000011220.30.315
623623 ZZ623 2RU623 2RS310440.150.150.640.235200044000630004.
624624 ZZ624 2RU624 2RS413550.
625625 ZZ625 2RU625 2RS516550.30.31.750.674000033000490007140.30.35
626626 ZZ626 2RU626 2RS619660.
627627 ZZ627 2RU627 2RS722770.
628628 ZZ628 2RU628 2RS824880.30.33.351.428000220003500010220.30.318
629629 ZZ629 2RU629 2RS926880.60.64.55227000190003300013220.30.320
633633 ZZ633 2RU633 2RS313550.
634634 ZZ634 2RU634 2RS416550.30.31.750.67400000490006140.30.35.3
635635 ZZ635 2RU635 2RS519660.
636636 ZZ636 2RU636 2RS622770.
637637 ZZ637 2RU637 2RS726990.30.34.551.95260000320009240.30.324
638638 ZZ638 2RU638 2RS828990.30.34.551.952600003200010260.30.329
639639 ZZ639 2RU639 2RS93010100.60.662.652400002900013260.60.635
694694 ZZ694 2RU694 2RS411440.150.150.960.355400044000650005.
695695 ZZ695 2RU695 2RS513440.
696696 ZZ696 2RU696 2RS615550.20.21.750.674500032000540007.613.
697697 ZZ697 2RU697 2RS717550.
698698 ZZ698 2RU698 2RS819660.
699699 ZZ699 2RU699 2RS920660.30.32.451.0535000250004200011180.30.37.5
602602 ZZ602 2RU602 2RS272.
603603 ZZ603 2RU603 2RS39350.150.150.430.16600000720004.
68/2.568/2.5 ZZ68/2.5 2RU68/2.5 2RS2.561.
682682 ZZ682 2RU682 2RS251.
683683 ZZ683 2RU683 2RS37230.150.150.310.11660000790004.
684684 ZZ684 2RU684 2RS492.540.150.150.640.23590000700005.
685685 ZZ685 2RU685 2RS511350.150.150.970.36530000630006.
686686 ZZ686 2RU686 2RS6133.550.
687687 ZZ687 2RU687 2RS7143.550.
688688 ZZ688 2RU688 2RS816450.
689689 ZZ689 2RU689 2RS917450.20.21.350.663900004600010.615.
69/2.569/2.5 ZZ69/2.5 2RU69/2.5 2RS2.572.
692692 ZZ692 2RU692 2RS262.330.150.10.330.18600001000003.
693693 ZZ693 2RU693 2RS38340.150.150.550.17640000760004.





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